Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Books

Once you've got your summer reading assignments taken care of, sit back with a new book. Here are three new titles from the Hart YA collection:

Haven't made up your mind what you're going to be when you grow up? Do the careers you've been looking at leave you cold? Do you yearn to dig into something unique? How about becoming a grave robber? Sure, you always have dirt under your fingernails. Your body odor can kill a skunk. Living acomodations are pretty... basic. But you find some really valuable stuff, get to be part of a brotherhood, and even better: no phone, no telemarketers! Joey wasn't thinking about any of this after his mother dies. He gets sent off to live with the father he had never met, a man who lives in a smelly cabin with no food and has little in the way of people skills. His nickname is The Garbageman. Joey becomes a target for the goons at his new school. His biology teacher has it in for him. Celeste Carpenter is beyond his reach. Then Joey stumbles on the reason his father is called The Garbageman. He learns about the society of men who rob graves for a living. He learns why his parents split up, and how his mother got those nicks in her ear. He learns that there's more to fear from the living than from rotting corpses. Read this if you have a strong stomach. There are very graphic descriptions of digging up graves and bodies in varying stages of decomposition.

Saba and her twin brother Lugh live with their father and younger sister Emmi in a post apocalyptic wasteland. One terrifying day, strangers come during a dust storm, dragging Lugh away and killing their father. Saba vows to go after them and rescue Lugh. Along the way, she and Emmi are kidnapped by slavers who gather stray youth and force them to compete against each other to the death in the Cage. Saba's warrior spirit allows her to triumph, until she learns about Lugh's whereabouts and plots to escape with the help of the Free Hawks, a band of female warriors. When she does escape amidst chaos and fire, she also rescues the charming rogue Jack. They meet more friends on their way to the Palace where the maniacal Sun Prince is holding Lugh. Shades of "Road Warrior" here. The characters speak in a colloquial English much like the characters in Patrick Ness's "Chaos Walking" series. If you dig "The Hunger Games," this is the book for you.

Now for one of the horrors of the real world. Kendra was sexually abused as a child. She doesn't remember the identity of her abuser, it's locked away in her brain. But someone is following her, leaving nasty notes. To relieve the intense pressure, Kendra cuts herself. Especially now that the memories are coming back. Kendra's dad is downsized, money will be tight, and Kendra's therapy sessions will have to stop. There's talk about them having to move. Kendra's safety nets are being taken away from her. Just as she's becoming friends with Meghan, the school bad girl. This is one emotionally wrenching book. You just want to smack Kendra's parents for being so obtuse. The author supplies a list of resources to turn to for help.

There are lots more new books at the Hart Library. Come in and check them out.

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