Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Review

This has got to be one of the best novels about zombies I've read so far. Ok, so it's not just about zombies. It's about brothers, right and wrong, good vs. evil, and girls. In a post-apocalyptic society, you need to get a job by the time you're fifteen or your rations get cut. So, Benny Imura and his friend Chong start looking. After failing at a bunch of things, Benny grudgingly decides to accompany his hated older brother Tom the zombie killer to see what Tom's job is all about. Boy, does he get a wakeup call. The Rot and Ruin is the great outdoors past the town's comfort zone where the zombies and the cool bounty hunters like Charlie Pink-Eye and the Motor City Hammer roam. Tom is lightning fast with a sword but he's way not cool in Benny's eyes. Until Benny's eyes are opened to the vast evil that is man-made. He grows up fast, and the simple black-n-white world suddenly takes on lots of complicated shades of gray. Maberry does a wonderful job reminding us that zombies aren't just walking piles of slimy body parts that eat the living. They are human beings, mothers, sons, grandparents. Tom treats them with a respect that's touching in its humanity. Those of you who read zombie books for the action, have no fear. There's plenty! Read this book!

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