Thursday, November 12, 2009

Local Author Alert!!!

Greg and Steve's families are going through some tough times. Greg's dad walked out on the family, and Steve's stepfather beats his mom and slaps Steve around. Through some supernatural occurence, the teens change places. Here's the catch: Greg is black and Steve is white. This turns out to be a big eye-opener for both as they face stereotypical thinking, racism (theirs and others), and manage to help each other's situations. The story moves along at a fast "What happens next?" pace. Ms. Peart is a writer to watch out for. "Linked" is her first book for teens. According to the publisher's website, Ms. Peart's next book "The Intruders" is coming out in February 2010. "The Intruders" involves teens fron The Bronx and time travel. Exciting stuff!

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